How we started, the European Cultural Centre

We, cultural entrepreneurs, philanthropists, mostly young people, who make things happen, who care, and even some paper-people, we as a collective group, we believe that there is a need for a dynamic organization, creating centres dedicated to the culture of Europe.

Centres, in different places of the world, devoted to cultural exchanges, meetings, exhibitions, creative projects, with Europeans and all others. To strengthen our cultural commons, to cherish our uniqueness and to learn about the beauty within our differences.

European Cultural Centre - Italy, why Venice?

Venice, since hundreds of years an important exporter of European culture, has always been a place of cultural exchange, it is a good place to come to understand who we are and how we as Europeans are seen. 

The historic centre of Venice is a place with an extraordinary concentration of facilities and organisations dedicated to culture. Many quality museums, theatres, cultural foundations, universities, a conservatory and an art academy. Regional offices of UNESCO, WHO and the Council of Europe as well as La Biennale di Venezia, which like us organises projects related to art, architecture, cinema, dance, theatre and music.   

Venice was chosen as the seat of the ECC-Italy for many reasons and, we must admit, it is amazing to work here. Although it is very touristic, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The quality of the city makes meetings, projects and exhibitions easy successful. The large number of tourists is also a good aspect, our exhibitions, "PERSONAL STRUCTURES", "TIME SPACE EXISTENCE" and "VENICE DESIGN" being some of them, are every year visited by over 600.000 people.

The ECC-Italy in Venice mainly organises art, architecture and design exhibitions. In addition, we organize symposiums, public debates, meetings and many other cultural events. Our first exhibition in the year 2011 was visited by almost 40.000 people, in the meantime our exhibition venues are visited by over 600.000 people every year.

The publications are an important part of our projects which have been developed and presented at the ECC-Italy. Various editorial forms and the websites reflect different practices and activities carried out by the ECC, thus building up and making visible a platform for theoretical and artistic perspectives on culture.   

Although the ECC-Italy can make use of several different palazzos in Venice and other Italian cities, the ECC-Italy’s main venues are Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Michiel and two public gardens in the historical centre of Venice. The European Cultural Centre wishes to interact with as many people as possible, therefore the ECC keeps its venues accessible for all interested people to visit exhibitions, join educational programs, participate in workshops and symposiums or any other cultural event, always free of charge.

Network and partners 
The ECC-Italy is part of the larger European Cultural Centre network. In addition, we continue to establish worldwide partnerships with other educational and cultural institutions, Museums, Foundations as well as with private initiatives.

The European Cultural Centre Global Headquarter is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.